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Transportation and freight provided throughout Southern Africa and Africa
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There is no other way of delivering and retrieving containers that matches the accuracy and precision of SPEED TRANS Sidelifter technology. For sole transport operators through to fleet managers and logistics companies there is nothing as cost effective or efficient as a Sidelifter.

The main attributes of Sidelifter technology are still its simplest – the ability to place a container with precision anywhere a truck can access then load or unload the container on the ground. The full potential of Sidelifter technology is only just being realised. From intermodal uses, truck to truck and truck to rail transfers to double stacking and Sidelifters becoming an integral part of factory processes.

Operators can save time and money and they can also offer more services to their clients.

Key Benefits

  • Container transport, handling, and grounding
  • Safety
  • Versatility
  • Economical

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